Mentoring Program

As a student at SIELL, you will receive your own personal mentor while completing the theory and practical aspects of your chosen course. You'll get a chance to work with other students to help each other and connect with senior educators who will be able to guide you as needed. It's important that our students are given the best support and every opportunity to succeed!

We acknowledge that everyone has individual preferences when it comes to their method of learning. At SIELL, we offer a wide variety of methods to meet each student's needs including online correspondence, face-to-face workshops, personal mentoring and group study opportunities.


What is a mentor?


A mentor is someone who can:

  • Develop a student's confidence, self-esteem, respect and trust in the mentoring relationship

  • Share personal experiences and knowledge with the student according to agreed objectives

  • Support the student to develop and use skills in problem solving and decision making

  • Use personal and professional networks to assist the student

  • Provide information, and guidance to enhance engagement in the workplace

  • Use techniques for conflict resolution and share these skills with the student

Our pool of mentors are currently employed by Discover My World Early Learning Centre. Each mentor is qualified in Early Childhood Education and specialises in different areas within the Early Childhood sector.